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Is Cash Camp a Scam?

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 in Binary Trading, News, Trading | Comments Off on Is Cash Camp a Scam?

Trading Binary Options has become a huge thing, and the Cash Camp has fallen victim to such allegations all over the internet. Does this mean that Cash Camp really is a scam as people have been saying, or does it only mean that this company is a victim of a dirty war for new clients? Well, it would appear that the latter one is true, and we are going to find out why.

Business graphWell, Cash Camp is a new trading broker, and it still hasn’t established its position on the market. And seeing that it is pretty green, the other trading brokers have decided to gang up on it and cut it out of the business entirely. But, why? Well, it mostly has to do with the fact that this trading platform is really simple and easy to use, which cannot be said for some of the other ones. To start trading in Cash Camp, all you need is a computer and internet. The system is really easy to understand, and you don’t even have to go to a seminar to get it; it can be figured out even by an inexperienced trader that doesn’t know much about Binary Options trading.

When you join this Binary Options trading broker, you will see that it has a trading platform that people just love; and one of the things that are great to people is the fact that it is completely free! There are no deposits, and you can register without them. All you have to do is visit their website and provide them with your personal info, and you’ll be registered! Then, you will get a welcome email, and once you click on it, you’ll be free to trade in this amazing trading platform.

3d blue background with stock diagramApart from the fact that it is free, there are some other features that people seem to like. They include accessing the live trading platform on the Cash Camp’s website; good reputation that this trading broker has besides the fact that there is a smearing campaign being run against it; and the fact that it works on all the platforms. People also seem to enjoy the detailed guide that has all the instructions for the beginners, and the fact that there are free expert advices and training involved helps a lot too.

So, in conclusion, we believe that it is safe to say that this trading broker is definitely not a scam, and before you believe what some of the people are saying about it, you might do some research about it. It is well trusted and is in no way a fake software, so you can feel completely safe trading on it. Do not believe the people who smear it without any hard proof; only when you see those, should you believe them.

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How to trade Binary Options?

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 in Binary Trading, News, Trading | Comments Off on How to trade Binary Options?

 People say that trading Big Option, things may seem a bit difficult to you; but don’t worry, it goes away the second you learn everything you need to get going.

But, if you wish to learn everything there is about Binary Options trading there are some steps that you need to take. This will make the trading in the future a whole lot easier, and will help you get started. So, without any further ado, let’s get to those steps, shall we?

live-trading-pic1 – Learn the Proper Terminology

Every line of work has its own terminology, and trading Binary Options is no different. You can’t do a job if you don’t know what is expected of you, and you’ll never learn that if you don’t learn the terminology. The good side of this is the fact that the terminology here is rather simple. There are just a couple of terms and words that you need to learn, and then everything slowly starts falling into its place.

2 – Investigate Underlying Assets

These underlying assets are those assets that may determine the fate of the item that you’ve purchased; they can determine if its price would go up, or if it would go down. These underlying assets are basically all the things that can happen in the business world, that could influence the price. So, you need to learn what to look at, and you need to learn how to look at it.

3 – Choose “Call” or “Put”

These are the two options with which you will say if you believe that the price of your item would go up, or if it would go down, respectively. So, basically, if you believe that the price of an item wouEuro - Kaufen oder Verkaufen?ld go down, because you’ve spent a lot of time investigating the underlying asset, you choose the “call” option. In case the price does go up, as you have predicted, you are in the money, which means that you have won. In case it doesn’t turn up as you have predicted, you are out the money, which basically means that you have lost.

4 – Monitor the Purchased Options

Once you purchase an option, you need to keep an eye on it. This does not only go for Options, but for all the underlying assets that you come across. You need to know how they are going to develop, and this will give you an insight into how their price will behave, and what you should do with them. Just remember not to be quick to judge, because some of these options or assets can recover. So, don’t start selling right away; the price may recover, and you might still win something. Or, if you believe that you’ve chosen the wrong option, just wait a while. You might even come to see that you were right all along.

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Is Iq Option A Scam Site

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 in News, Trading | Comments Off on Is Iq Option A Scam Site


In every field where people invest their money, especially online, there will be people who will try to cheat others. Internet activities that involve bigger amounts of money are targets to these people. And online Binary options trading is one of the activities that attracts many cheaters. Broker sites can be scam sites, and with that kind of sites you are sure to lose your hard earned money. In order to prevent that I will, together with you, go through a review of these sites and check it.

Site we will go through is IQ Option. Whether it is or it isn’t a scam site we will see.

There is close to none data about this site and its rules. Yes there are rules, but small letters are always hidden. It is poorly rated on Google trends and by being such, cautious approach was the best way to do this review and I have done so. Now let us continue will specific data about IQ Option.

While depositing money to the IQ Option can be done from everywhere, except the USA, withdrawal is a bit tricky. I say a bit but I mean that they have one of the worst services that exist. They even ask you card data in order to transfer you the money. Even with brokers that have reputation for being good this is not wise. And realistically any good broker would not ask something like that from you.


Mobile application IQ Option offers is nearly useless for trading. First it doesn’t show you your trading status and it gives only vague info about market trends. Trading without these things is like trading blind, and you don’t want to risk your money that way. Only good thing this app has is real time trading which is active 24 hours a day.

Demo account is a feature of the IQ Option broker that shows a slightly better picture than withdrawal process. This demo is free and you can trade with virtual money over this application. In most cases brokers that have demo version of their trading platforms are safe brokers. The issue with this site and demo version is that they will promise you a free service once you start trading with real money, but that goes down the water once you do.

I hope you have your opinion about this site and you already decided about trading or not on this site. My conclusion about IQ Option is that it is not the best site for binary options trading. There are sites that have longer history and better reputation than this broker. I am not saying this is a scam site, saying that without any evidence would be wrong and I don’t want to jump to conclusions. There Is a number of complains about this site and you should take that into consideration if you decide to trade over this broker. I am going to avoid this site, only because there are better sites with strong reputation, and if one day this broker earns its name as a reliable trading platform I am going to trade on it.

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How these Robots and AutoTraders Work

Posted by on Sep 12, 2015 in Binary Trading, News, Trading | Comments Off on How these Robots and AutoTraders Work


Robots are just flag suppliers and auto brokers, all the more particularly the product that makes them work. A rose by an alternate name, just about. Robots are somewhat more progressed than a basic sign administration and are an exceptionally remarkable type of exchanging that includes a wide range of sorts of apparatuses. Programmed exchanging is nothing but the same old thing new to the speculation world, just like the Quick Cash System, it’s simply something new to Binary Options.

How these Robots and AutoTraders Work

Keeping in mind the end goal to completely investigate how robot exchanging functions I began with a straightforward Google look for double choices robots. I picked the most attractive result from the SERP and this is the thing that I found. is a robotized sign administration supplier and paired alternatives robot. This site is an administration for paired brokers that places exchanges consequently into their records, comparative however not exactly the same as duplicate exchanging. When you duplicate you pick a man to take after and duplicate their exchanges. A twofold choices robot is a program that truly assumes control over your record, would you be able to trust that!

Binary-Option-Robot-SquareIt may sound insane, yet it’s valid. One kind of robot is an outsider program that you download onto your PC. All together for it work you must sign into the robot AND have your Binary Options record open too. The robot project identifies perfect exchanging stages and takes control. Any signs created by the administration are gotten by your robot and after that exchanged your record. The binary options auto robot enters exchange data like resource, sum, bearing and close. It then taps the enter catch and your exchange is set. Ideally it’s a decent one.

Another sort of robot is a great deal more helpful to today’s social duplicate dealer. These are otherwise called EA’s, master adviser’s. These projects can be utilized with MT4 and different sorts of diagramming programming to produce signs based markers and methodologies ordinarily utilized today. This sort of robot can be utilized for duplicate exchanging, you can take the signs as they show up in the event that you need as well, yet you can likewise utilize them as a premise for learning. Picking a decent MetaTrader master consultant is the key, one that you know is great and one that you can use as the beginning stage for a method. Add to it an arrangement of tenets and cash administration and you are most of the way to turning into twofold choices hot shot.

Robots may no suck in light of the fact that they can take the bother out of exchanging. The robots are a sign administration on a fundamental level so in the event that you pick a decent one it makes sense that benefits will soon take after. Anything that can authentically upgrade my exchanging and give feasible benefits doesn’t suck as I would see it. The admonition here is that robot suppliers as a gathering are pretty much as prone to have a losing streak as any other individual.

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How To Survive Your First Month in Binary Trading

Posted by on Sep 4, 2015 in Binary Trading, News, Trading | Comments Off on How To Survive Your First Month in Binary Trading


The general idea of double alternatives exchanging is truly basic – you should focus the value development and increase some benefit if your projections are right. Nonetheless, in the event that you are an apprentice and you are executing some of your first exchanges, then you will most likely battle, particularly amid the first month of exchanging, as this is thought to be the hardest period for each tenderfoot dealer. In the event that you perceive yourself in profiles portrayed above, then pay consideration on the accompanying suggestions, as they may make it less demanding for you to get by through the first month of your paired choices exchanging vocation. If you couldn’t decide which IQ Option.

Take some point of view
binary-options-scamsIt is constantly great to get the somewhat viewpoint, particularly initially of your exchanging vocation. Parallel alternatives exchanging is about value determination, you ought to dependably remember this. You have to figure out how to deal with your cash – don’t go for an excess of exchanges, in light of the fact that by and large you will wind up losing your venture. Try not to put the greater part of your trusts in a solitary exchange, on the grounds that because of your absence of experience you may be effortlessly enticed to go for enormous returns. Have a go at restricting your exchanging day up to 4 hours. This time period is extremely proper for novices in light of the fact that, it will keep you far from settling on off base choices.

You ought not to hope to gain on each exchange. Brokers typically encounter serious misfortunes amid their vocations and it is significant to get over them as fast as could be allowed. In the event that a dealer feels he/she has committed an excess of errors, then he/she ought to most likely take a rest. Hazard administration is something key for each exchange to ace, in light of the fact that it helps to keep away from the “boycott” of a great many losses.

binary-options-trading-secretsIt may be a smart thought to begin keeping an exchanging diary. Record the explanations behind making a certain wager, however, recollect to be straightforward with yourself – this is the thing that the exchanging diary is about. For instance, you went long in EUR/USD, in light of the fact that it has been slanting up for 6 hours. Record the value, take a few notes, and later examine your errors. Along these lines, you will gain from them and improve as a merchant. Continuously glance back at your reputation, even on a month to month premise and consider the sorts of missteps you have made.

It is hard to get the energy of twofold choices exchanging, particularly when you have quite recently begun. In any case, it is dependably a smart thought to take some time and keep up perusing. There is a mixture of dependable materials about double alternatives that can be found on the Internet, so contribute some time and continue instructing yourself.
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