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Is Iq Option A Scam Site


In every field where people invest their money, especially online, there will be people who will try to cheat others. Internet activities that involve bigger amounts of money are targets to these people. And online Binary options trading is one of the activities that attracts many cheaters. Broker sites can be scam sites, and with that kind of sites you are sure to lose your hard earned money. In order to prevent that I will, together with you, go through a review of these sites and check it.

Site we will go through is IQ Option. Whether it is or it isn’t a scam site we will see.

There is close to none data about this site and its rules. Yes there are rules, but small letters are always hidden. It is poorly rated on Google trends and by being such, cautious approach was the best way to do this review and I have done so. Now let us continue will specific data about IQ Option.

While depositing money to the IQ Option can be done from everywhere, except the USA, withdrawal is a bit tricky. I say a bit but I mean that they have one of the worst services that exist. They even ask you card data in order to transfer you the money. Even with brokers that have reputation for being good this is not wise. And realistically any good broker would not ask something like that from you.


Mobile application IQ Option offers is nearly useless for trading. First it doesn’t show you your trading status and it gives only vague info about market trends. Trading without these things is like trading blind, and you don’t want to risk your money that way. Only good thing this app has is real time trading which is active 24 hours a day.

Demo account is a feature of the IQ Option broker that shows a slightly better picture than withdrawal process. This demo is free and you can trade with virtual money over this application. In most cases brokers that have demo version of their trading platforms are safe brokers. The issue with this site and demo version is that they will promise you a free service once you start trading with real money, but that goes down the water once you do.

I hope you have your opinion about this site and you already decided about trading or not on this site. My conclusion about IQ Option is that it is not the best site for binary options trading. There are sites that have longer history and better reputation than this broker. I am not saying this is a scam site, saying that without any evidence would be wrong and I don’t want to jump to conclusions. There Is a number of complains about this site and you should take that into consideration if you decide to trade over this broker. I am going to avoid this site, only because there are better sites with strong reputation, and if one day this broker earns its name as a reliable trading platform I am going to trade on it.